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ROYJEN Charters
(Sabang - Port Barton - El Nido)


We are closed for charter because we found a weakening of our boat's rib structure, and we determined that our boat was no longer safe for tourism.

We are hoping to build a new boat, a little bigger and better, and we have much of the needed materials already, but we're in need of some sponsors and/or partners to help finance the completion.

We are asking for sponsorship from the 1,000s of people who enjoyed sailing with us on board the ROYJEN.  But to date we have received no contribution and our hardwood materials have been laying under cover for two-years now.

When we stopped operating in 2014, there was no one to replace us.  We left a huge void in Palawan tourism and every month we still get requests for charter from people who kept our number and emails.  Most of our business came by way of referrals.   We did what no one has done before and that's what our passengers experienced on every charter.  Something that no one has ever done before at any cost.

We can do that again in an even more fantastic way, but it's you now.  We ask that you please donate to get us back up and running again like never before. 

If only half the people who enjoyed a charter on the ROYJEN were to donate $20, we would more than enough to building a new boat and to complete all the many, many requirements necessary to be a legal passenger boat for tourism, just as the ROYJEN was.

Please donate to royjen12@gmail.com via PayPal . 

We will gladly show pictures of the progress made on our entire boat building project right here on this blogspot.  We hope to build an estimated 70' - 7 ton trimaran, muli-haul vessel, with multiple decks, sleeping cabins and the works.  A vessel capable of sailing much further and faster, in more comfort and style than any other. 
Listen folks, we have people requesting charters from the, Make a Wish Foundation.  There are terminally ill children who have seen our blogspot and have requested to ride on the ROYJEN.

We have people from around the world who came to Palawan specifically to ride the ROYJEN and everything else was consequential.  Then, they tell others who want to do the same.

Some people get the wrong idea thinking we are some big outfit or part of one, but no!  Jen's papa and my 1st Mate Bhing are master boat building carpenters, who will build the entire boat under a mango tree.  We log hardwood from our own property to build the skeleton.  Then, we nail on the plywood, apply the sealant, paint and all the special features.  Next, we roundup about 20 men to push the boat into the river, where we put on the balancer.  But, in our case it's two twin hauls joined together by 30' long hardwood arms to make our boat a custom built Trimaran. 

A few people thought they'd be going on some kind of Royal Caribbean Cruise 
or Disney Land ride and it's not like that either.  It's the real deal, where you get close and personal with water and the environment.  And, perhaps where you face your fears about venturing out into the open sea on a boat, not a ship.  It is where you are welcome to lend a hand to the crew, and to try your hand at catching a big predator fish.  It's a place to discover the freedom of being far out and away in deep blue sea on a heading towards an offshore coral reef shoal, where you can put on the mask and snorkel and jump out for a swim.

Shown below is the history of our business that we are very proud to show. 

Maraming Salamat Po,
Roy and Jen

+63-918-424-6902 or +63-912-873-7400

ROYJEN 2013/14
  • Licensed to carry a maximum of 12 Passengers for Tourism on the Island of Palawan from Sabang, Port Barton, San Vicente and El Nido.
  • Manned by a Licensed Captain, an Engineer and 2-deckhands.
  • Custom built 56', 5-Ton, Philippine Banca/Outrigger/Trimaran.  
  • Powered by a fuel efficient Mitsubishi 4DR51 Diesel Engine, giving her about 100 hp and a cruising speed of  8-10 knots.
  •  Home ported in Caruray, San Vicente, Palawan. 
Features include:  Multi-Deck, Sleeping Cabin, Private Toilet (CR), Kitchen, Electricity, and a VHF Marine Transceiver with portable.

Newly reconditioned for Season 2013/2014, with all new Trimaran-Balancer.
 The ROYJEN Eco-Cruise

(Sabang - Port Barton - El Nido)

"A Sport Fishing, Island Hopping, Sea-Adventure
with Fun for the whole family!"

P2,000 per Pax per Day
(Min. 4 Pax Fares / Max. 12 Pax)


Boat Fare:  P10,000 per day
Min 5 Pax / Max. 12 Pax

Two Fare Options:

1.  Individual Fare per pax is P2,000 per day.
    Optional Sleep-Aboard Fee is P500 per pax.
    (Min. 4 Pax Fares / Max. 12 Pax)

2.  *Special Offer - Boat Fare - P10,000 per day.
    Optional Sleep-Aboard Fee is P500 per pax.
    (Min. 5 Pax Fares / Max. 12 Pax)

If you have a group of 4 or less, you should request Option 1.
If you have a group of 5-12 pax, then you should request Option 2.

Includes:  Port Transfer, Bay Trolling, Seafood Meals 
Optional:  En-route Island Hopping, Sport Fishing, Snorkeling

Calculate your Fare:
4 pax x P2,000 x 2 days = P16,000

*Special - 3rd Day Half-Fare. 
Applies to all 3D/2N Charters. 
3D/2N Charter for up to 4 Pax is P20,000.
3D/2N Charter for 5-12 Pax is P25,000.

Booking/Pick-up Fees:
(The RoyJen Home Port is in Caruray.  These Fees cover the costs we incur to meet you)

For Charters from Sabang, we ask a Booking/Pick-up Fee of P1,000.
For Charters from Port Barton, we ask a Booking/Pick-up Fee of P2,000.
For Charters from El Nido, we ask a Booking/Pick-up Fee of P4,000.

Two Charter Fare Payments: 
  1. 50% Charter Fare Deposit via PayPal or Western Union, plus Booking Fee and,
  2. 50% balance upon boarding 
To Confirm your Charter, we ask that you send us the Booking/Pick-up Fee and 50% of the Charter Fare via PayPal to:  royjen12@gmail.com
ROYJEN Itineraries

2D/1N (Sabang - Port Barton Islands - Sabang or El Nido)

2D/1N (Port Barton - Port Barton Isl. Hopping - Sabang or El Nido)
2D/1N (Port Barton - El Nido Islands - El Nido)
3D/2N (Sabang - Port Barton Isl. Hopping - Sabang or El Nido)
3D/2N (Sabang - Port Barton Isl. - El Nido Isl. - El Nido/P.Barton/Sabang)
Charter Destinations - (cruising time)
Sabang to Port Barton Islands and coves - (3 - 3.5 hrs)
Sabang to Port Barton - (3.5 - 4 hrs.)
Sabang to El Nido - 1-day-express  - (8 - 9 hrs) 
(For safety and comfort, we recommend a 2-day charter)

Port Barton Islands and coves to El Nido - (5 - 6 hrs)
Port Barton to El Nido - (6 - 7 hrs)
Port Barton Island Resorts to Port Barton - P1,000 per pax (1-1.5 hrs)
Port Barton Island Resorts to San Vicente - P1,000 per pax (1-1.5 hrs)
Port Barton Island Hopping -  half-day/full-day P1,000/P2,000 per pax 


El Nido to Port Barton Islands (5-6 hrs)
El Nido to Port Barton (6 - 7 hrs) 
El Nido to Sabang (8 - 9 hrs)

Port Barton Islands to Sabang (3 - 3.5 hrs)
Port Barton to Sabang (3.5 - 4 hrs)
ROYJEN  Sport Fishing Charters
P2,000 per Pax per Day
(Min. 4 Pax Fares / Max. 12 Pax)


Boat Fare:  P10,000 per day
Min 5 Pax / Max. 12 Pax

Calculate your own Fare:
4 pax x P2,000 x 2 days = P16,000


- Optional Port Transfer from:  Sabang, Port Barton and El Nido!
- Freshly Caught Seafood Meals served on board.
- Optional Sleep-Aboard - P500 per person.

We ask that you bring your own beverages, snacks, and trolling lures.
Request a ROYJEN Charter 
Send email to: royjen12@gmail.com 
Subj:  Request Booking
or, text msg to: +63-918-424-6902 or +63-912-873-7400

(cut, paste and edit into an email or text msg.)

Hi Roy,

We request booking of a 2D/1N Private Charter 

from: Sabang to Port Barton Isl. to El Nido Isl. to El Nido 
on: 6-7Jan2015, for: 5 passengers (2 adults and 3 children) from Germany. 

We request boarding from Sabang beach at about 0900, on 6Jan2015.  

We calculate our total charter fare to be P20,000.
We agree to pay P10,000, plus P1,000 Booking/Pick-up Fee via PayPal to confirm our charter.
We agree to pay the Charter Fare balance of P10,000 upon our boarding.

George Cordts
Note:  We require the name of the person making the request, and we assume this person will be our poc on the beach.  We also request this person to send us a 2nd Confirmation by text msg.
PayPal Payments

To confirm your charter, we ask that you send us a Booking/Pick-up Fee and 50% Deposit of the Charter Fare via PayPal to:   royjen12@gmail.com

For Charters from: Sabang, we ask a Booking/Pick-up Fee of P1,000.
For Charters from: Port Barton,  we ask a Booking/Pick-up Fee of P2,000.
For Charters from: El Nido, we ask a Booking/Pick-up Fee of P4,000.
Boarding/Crew Payments

We request payment of the 50% Charter Fare Balance upon boarding.

Passenger Log
After Boarding Payments are collected, all pax are required to register in our Passenger Log Book.  We require that you read the simple instructions on the 1st page, and our Safety Brief on the 2nd page, then register by printing your name,  and destination for the day.

After Boarding Payments have been collected and you have registered in our Passenger Log Book, it may be necessary for us to purchase fuel and provisions and to obtain Coast Guard Clearance before our departure.

Once Boarding Payments have been collected, it indicates our willingness to accept charter and that current weather conditions are permitting.  If weather conditions change and a return to port of embarkation is necessary, 50% of your Boarding Payments will be refunded.  However, this has never happened before, and turning around would probably be more dangerous than going forward to your destination.

Bad Weather
In case of sudden bad weather, we will issue out Life Jackets and, the safest place for passengers is to huddle up inside the cabin.  In situations where visibility of the coastline is lost, the captain will navigate by compass.   These situations rarely occur and last for only a few long minutes.  In case of strong wind, the crewmen will roll up the overhead tarpaulins.  
Booking Process
Once we have received your email or text message to request booking, we will reply asap to confirm our availability.  If we do not reply to your email, please send us a text message.  Upon our acceptance, we request that you confirm your reservation by sending us a Booking/Pick-up Fee and 50% Charter Fare deposit via PayPal sent to: royjen12@gmail.com.   

Confirming your Charter is not a requirement, but highly encouraged for scheduling purposes.  If no Booking Fee is paid, then we only confirm your Request for Charter, and your charter is only tentatively scheduled.  If Booking Fee is paid, then we will confirm your charter, knowing that your party will cover our minimum Boarding Fees, and your charter will be listed on our schedule.  Confirming your charter, gives you priority over another charter that may spring up.
2nd Confirmation by SMS Text Message
Upon your arrival on Palawan, or 1-2 days prior to your requested charter, we ask that you send us a text message to let us know you have arrived and will meet us as planned.  Send sms text msg. to:  +63-918-424-6902 or +63-912-873-7400.  

3rd Confirmation by Text Message
On the morning of your requested charter, we request that you text us from the beach to let us know when you will be ready to board.
PayPal is the best way to send money to just about anyone in the world.  If you like to reserve a charter and make a deposit, you may open a Free PayPal Account.  The Sign Up is quick and easy.  Of course, you wont have any money in your account.  So, you will need to click on "get verified," and register your bank credit or debit card with PayPal.  In doing so, PayPal will charge your card $1.95.  After about 2-days this charge will appear on your bank statement and it will possess a 4 digit code.  Once you have the code, you then open your PayPal Account, click "get verified," and enter the 4 digit code.  You'll be instantly verified, and the $1.95 will be auto refunded to you and you'll be able to send money through PayPal automatically using your credit or debit card.  You can also transfer money between your PayPal and Bank Accounts.  Just about everyone has a PayPal Account, so it's the best way to go.  It's good to open a "Business Account," for more options in the future.

To receive refund of your Deposit, cancellation must be made at least 24-hrs before your requested charter.
We accept Payments in PHP, USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and AUD. Due to local cash advance and atm limits of P20,000 per day, and fees, it's a good idea to bring "new" cash money and exchange to PHP as needed in Puerto Princesa City, Sabang, Port Barton and El Nido. We request a 10% GratuityTip for the crew. 

As of 1Nov2013, Exchange rates are as follows:

1 USD = PHP 43

1CAD = PHP 41
1 EUR = PHP 58
1 GBP = PHP 69
1 AUD = PHP 41

ROYJEN Schedule of Operations for Season 2014/15
Last Update:  3Jan2015

ROYJEN operates on an unregulated schedule, only when booking is made.

To confirm your charter, please send us the Booking/Pick-up Fee and 50% Charter Fare deposit, via PayPal to: royjen12@gmail.com

Charters listed as "Open" are available to join.

Requested Charters

Date(s)   Itinerary                   Charter   Confirmed

None Scheduled
View Larger Map 
Important Note:  Check AccuWeather at Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.  You can check our local extended weather forecast a month in advance of the date(s) you like to charter! 

Be advised that our SW Monsoon season occurs from Jun-Oct and travel by sea during that time is considered dangerous.
Stop-overs between Sabang and El Nido. 

Blue Cove Resort is centrally and beautifully located in the middle of the Port Barton/San Vicente chain of islands. The resort and accommodations are native and rustic. This resort is hiding on the back side of Albaguan Island.  It offers excellent snorkeling and is on a direct passage route to El Nido. It is an ideal stop-over resort. Cottage rates range from P800 - P1,400 per night. Blue Cove Resort has moved to the top of our list as far as customer satisfaction. 

Paradise Cove Island Resort on the west side of Cacnipa Island is a new island resort.  It offers nice modern cottages with great rates, a Restobar, a beautiful white sand beach  in a calm cove with great sunset views.  It maybe the best choice for a stop-over.  

Coconut Garden Island Resort is located on Cacnipa Island. It's a beautiful resort on an peaceful, unspoiled island. Cottage rates range from P600 - P1,200 per night. 

Secret Paradise Retreat Resort is located near Cacnipa Island on 24 secluded hectors with 3 Private White Sand Beaches all within a protected marine sanctuary cove. Cottage rates are about P5,000 per night. This resort is perfect for a honey moon hide-away, a family or small group retreat, or backpackers on their way to El Nido. 

Port Barton has many nice resorts and restaurants, but it's an hour out of the way, and deep inside a bay where water clarity is not the best.  For passengers going to El Nido,  island stop-overs are preferred and in direct route.

Boayan Island is at about the half-way point between Sabang and El Nido. It's a beautiful unspoiled island with good fishing and snorkeling, but no resorts. For a stop-over here, passengers would need to sleep on board.   

*Resort lodging and resort meals are always charged separately by the resort.

ROYJEN Sleep-aboard Passengers
(Max 7 pax (3 Doubles and 1 Single)
(Includes:  1-Set Mattress, and clean bedding)

The ROYJEN can sleep 2 pax inside the cabin, 2 above the cabin, 2 on top the pilot house and 1 single on the front deck.  It's a bit rugged, like camping, but okay for up to 3 couples and 1 single to experience a night or two at sea, anchored in a calm, secluded island cove, en-route to El Nido or Sabang.

The ROYJEN offers freshly caught seafood meals with rice, vegetables, and fruit.  If we are unable to catch our own seafood, we will request a small donation to purchase fresh seafood from a fisherman at sea.  We offer cold drinks, coffee and snacks for tips.  You are also welcome to stock your own snacks and drinks.  You may also bring alcoholic beverages of your choice.
ROYJEN Safety Brief

The safety of our passengers is our #1 priority.

Boarding in Sabang can be difficult and dangerous when the surf is up.  Usually, you simply wade out about waist high and climb up a 5 step ladder.  In high surf, we anchor further out, so you would need to swim through the surf to the ladder and climb aboard.  Timing the waves is important.  Wait for the ladder to dip down in a wave, then hop on and climb up.  Crewmen will bring your packs on board and enclose them in a large plastic bag to keep dry.  

On board, it's best to stow your footwear under your seat.  You should remain mostly seated, but you are welcome to move around.  However, in rough sea, you should always keep a strong hold of something.

Life jackets are stowed in the front deck cargo hold and passed out when necessary.  If you would like to wear one or keep one close by, then let a crewman know. 

Life rafts and life rings are located on both sides of the boat.

Always be on the lookout and guard yourself against slipping, tripping, falling or bumping your head.

If you experience motion sickness, you should bring medicine for that.  If you have none, then we can provide.  Laying down on top the pilot house is the best spot if you're feeling ill.  

The ROYJEN is a very stable boat, but passengers should always be aware of maintaining balance and not overloading one side of the boat especially in rough sea.

In case of sudden bad weather, the best place for passengers to be is inside the cabin with their life jackets on.  In situations where visibility of the coastline is lost, the captain and engineer will navigate by compass.  These situations rarely occur and last for only a short while.  In case of strong wind, the crewmen will roll up the overhead tarpaulins.

Outside the boat, there are many dangers in the sea that you should be familiar with.  There are jellyfish, stingray, and stonefish, sea snakes and sea urchins, razor coral and fire coral, sharp rocks and strong currents.  If you need assistance in the water, please inform a crewman.
Booking your Underground River Tour

Advance booking of your Underground River Tour is required.  There are only 1000 permits issued per day and they get sold-out every day. 

The normal process is to purchase your UGR Tour Permits in person 1-day in advance at the UGR Booking Office in San Pedro, PP.  You need to present your passports to get your individual permits.  Tourist Agencies can work around this, and purchase "same day" permits, but only if you go early in the morning before 9:00 a.m.

The permit fee is P500 each, and a small boat to transport you from the Sabang Pier to the UGR is P700 for up to 6 pax.  The fees can be paid at the Tourist Information Center located on the Sabang Pier.

The Dayunan Inn on the Sabang Pier, offers their guests UGR Tour booking for an additional cost of P500 per person.  A double occupancy aircon room is P2,200.

Other ways of getting around Palawan
  • How to get to Sabang:
1) The Sheridan Beach Resort offers a round-trip Airport Shuttle Service for P1,000 per person with a 2 night resort booking. 

2) Hire a van from one of the many tourist agencies near the airport in Puerto Princesa City. We recommend Topstar or Island Paradise Tours. It's P3,500 to hire just the van, or you could go on their Underground River Tour for P1,500 per pax, but they need a minimum of 8 pax.

3) Take a 10 minute trike for P20 to the Lexus Van Terminal in San Pedro next to the Robinson Mall.  Ride the next available Van to Sabang.  It's a 2-hour ride for P200.

4) Take a trike to the New Market, Jeepney Terminal in San Jose. It's about a 15 min. ride and the cost is about P100 each, including your packs. At the terminal, find the next Jeepney going to Sabang. They run every two hours from 0700 - 1500. It's about a 3-hour ride for P150 each.

Note: By going through a big tourist agency, such as Topstar,  for P1,500 each, they book your Underground River Tour, pay all fees, provide transportation to and from Sabang, and offer a buffet lunch on the beach.
  • How to get to Caruray:  Includes about 2-hours travel by unpaved mountainous road.
1) Request ROYJEN assistance to hire a driver.  The fare is P7,000 when available, and it's a 3-4 hour ride.

2) Ride the Caruray Jeepney.  It departs from the San Jose New Market daily at about 10:00am.  The fare is P200 per person, and it is a torturous 5-6 hour ride. 
  • How to get to Port Barton:  Includes about 2-hours travel by unpaved road.
1) Hire a tourist agency van in PPC or a van at the San Jose New Market. It's P5,000 - P8,000 per van. The fare is divided among as many passengers as the van can carry or find. 

2) Ride the Port Barton Jeepney. It departs from the New Market daily at about 10:00am. The fare is about P200 per person. The ride takes 4-5 hours.

3) Hire a tourist agency van from Sabang. Fare is about the same as from PPC or new market. The ride takes 4-5 hours.

4) Hire a passenger boat from Sabang. Boat fare is about P1,000 per person with a minimum of 5 - 8 fares. The ride takes 3-4 hours.  The ROYJEN is the only legally registered  Passenger Boat for hire from Sabang to Port Barton and El Nido that we know of.  Our individual pax fare to Port Barton is P2,000 and P4,000 to El Nido, or P2,000 per day per pax on a Sea-Transport Charter. We also offer Guided Sea-Adventure Tours for P3,000 per day per pax; with a minimum of 4 pax fares.
  • How to get to El Nido from PPC:
1) Travel by Bus or Lexus Van from the San Jose, New Market, Jeepney Terminal. The cost is about P400 per person including your bags and it takes about 7 hours.

2) Travel by tourist agency van from PPC or Sabang. The ride takes about 7 hours, and costs P8,000 - P12,000 per van.

3) Voyage by ROYJEN Charters from Sabang after first touring the Underground River. Enjoy fishing, island hopping and a stop-over along the way.  We offer a 2 day/1 night Sea-Transport Charter for P2,000 per day per pax, a 1 day Express Charter for P5,000 per pax, or a Guided Sea-Adventure for P3,000 per day per pax; with a minimum of 4 pax fares.
Traveling by jeepney is okay for young backpackers, but it's not recommended for regular tourism. For "ground transportation," we recommend you go by RORO Bus or you hire a van from a licensed tourist agency.
Motorcycle travel is another way to get around Palawan. Price to rent a small 125cc Honda is about P500 per day. Be advised, Palawan is a very big and desolate island. Riders often get lost and go places they really shouldn't go. You may end up out at night without any food or lodging to be found. Your bike may become a burden and P500 per day gets expensive. Most of the motorcycle accidents I see involves a foreigner, and even if you think it's not your fault, you better guess again... There are many road obstructions here, and unsafe motorist, so bikers beware.
Puerto Princesa City (PPC) Info.

Puerto Princesa City is the only place on Palawan where you have access to banks and atm's. Most travelers experience a P20,000 per day limit on the amount they can withdraw from a bank teller or an atm. Traveler's checks are not widely accepted and cost about 5% to cash. U.S. Dollars and Euros are widely accepted and easily exchanged in Puerto Princesa City or El Nido without any fees. You need to figure how many days you'll be touring Palawan and bring enough cash to cover it, knowing that you can only withdraw a limited daily amount of P20,000 in Puerto Princesa City. Some resorts in El Nido accept credit cards and provide cash advances for a 6% service charge, so it's better to bring new cash money and exchange as needed.
El Nido Info.

El Nido Eco-Tourism Development Fee (ETDF).

Each tourist visting El Nido is responsible for obtaining an ETDF ticket good for 10 days. The tickets cost P200 each and they are available at most resorts and in many tourism outlets in El Nido. Tourists must have this ETDF ticket in their possession for the duration of their visit. The tickets are non-transferable, but no names are required to obtain them. Obtaining your ETDF is your absolute 1st matter of responsibility in El Nido. 
Corong Corong Info. 

Corong Corong boat harbor is our destination for all passengers going to El Nido.  Corong Corong is just a five minute (P20) trike ride from El Nido.  It is less congested with a beautiful clean beach, crystal clear water and several resorts to choose from. 
Where to Stay and What to do

In Puerto Princesa City (PPC), we recommend the Badjao Inn or next door at the Casa Linda Inn. They are near the airport and the city center. The accommodations are nice and very reasonable. 

The Badjao Inn also has an Underground River Booking Office, where you can book your UGR Tour in advance. This is an important first step upon your arrival in Puerto Princesa City. You need to book your tour at least a day in advance. They can book your tour, and arrange for our transport to and from Sabang.

There is great food, drink and nightly entertainment at the Tiki Restobar in PPC.  Live band starts at 8:30 every night.
In Sabang we recommend the Dab Dab or Blue Bamboo Resorts. These are authentic native style resorts for budget backpackers. They are not on the beach. They are located on past the pier along a rocky shoreline.  Further down the rocky shore is a Buddhist Bamboo Temple and about a kilometer past the temple is a nice waterfall, great for bathing in. These resorts are good for people who want to stay several days, and if you do, you can usually get a discount off the already very low rates.

The Dayunan Inn located on the Sabang Pier is an excellent choice for an overnight stay.  They can also book your UGR Tour.

The Daluyon Resort and the Sheridan Beach Resort located on the beach side of the pier  represent the other end of the spectrum. These are Chinese owned resort conglomerates. The accommodations maybe 5-Star, but the atmosphere is stuffy, and much different from native style resorts. There are also some native cottage resorts on the beach, but you pay more for location than accommodation.

Be advised, that the Sabang beach does have a dangerous undertow, which takes the lives of couple travelers each year.  However, it is a great public beach for all to enjoy with safety in mind.

In Sabang, there is much to do. 

1) Tour the Underground River (UGR). Hike the trails or ride a pump-boat to the UGR.

2) Mangrove River Paddle Boat Tour.

3) Buddhist Bamboo Temple and Waterfalls Hike.

4) Lions Cave, Keyhole Cave Tours, and Rock Climbing

5) Relax on the beach, or in a coral tide pool. 

6) Fishing, Island Hopping.
In Port Barton we recommend Summer Homes Resort, or Elsa's Beach Resort. 

For great food, drinks and coffee we recommend the Jambalaya Cajun Cafe

The village of Port Barton has a native charm. There are no resort conglomerates. People are warm and friendly. Resort owners are mostly foreigners with a long local history. Resorts accommodations are nice, rates are reasonable, and the food is great. The Beach has a lot of boats on it. The water is usually calm, but not so clear. 

Port Barton is a great place for lodging, dinning and Island Hopping / Snorkeling / Fishing / and jungle trekking to island lookouts and waterfalls.  It's a great stop-over between Sabang and El Nido. 

Port Barton Island Resorts are each unique in their own right, so we don't recommend one over the other. Secret Paradise Resort is becoming a more exclusive resort, where a reservation is necessary. Nice cottages are usually always available at Coconut Garden and Blue Cove Resorts.

In El Nido there is a super atmosphere with towering limestone cliffs.  The shore is filled with island hoping boats and the beach is lined with lodging houses and restobars with great food, drink and nightly entertainment.  The streets are loaded with gift shops and booking offices.  Lodging rates range from P1,000 - P5,000 per night for double occupancy.  Most places only accept walk-in guests during peak season from (Nov - Apr).

Travelers tend to check out in the early morning. So the sooner you can get up to El Nido, the more lodging there will be to choose from. On a 6-hour voyage from Port Barton, we can get you there in the early afternoon, before most land travelers can make it there.

Reservations - Agoda is the best place to search for available lodging anywhere in the world, and to book your reservations.

The ROYJEN cannot drop-off or pick-up any passengers at Miniloc Island or Lagen Island Resorts. These two resorts maintain strict security for their guests. They provide their own boat service and do not allow any private boats at their resorts. 

El Nido is not so much about resort lodging as it is about Island Hopping by day, and having a good time with fine dining and drinks in the evening. Things shut down around 10pm., because Island Hopping starts bright and early in the morning. 
ROYJEN Sport Fishing
10 Kg Wahoo caught by our friends from Switzerland on 3/3/14.
Sport Fishing Charters are Available upon request from Mar - June.  We offer 1-4 day charters with: trolling, jigging and bottom fishing or drift fishing the outer coral reefs and shoals for a variety of reef fish. Also may include drift fishing the deep sea with sea anchor for big tuna.  

In-Shore Sport Fishing Charters are Available upon request during the Tourist Season from November - March and en-route to tourist destinations of Sabang, Port Barton and El Nido.  It consists mostly of Bay Trolling for Philippine Wahoo (Tanigue), Barracuda, Giant Trevalli, Dorado, Sail Fish, mackerel and tuna.

We enjoy many types of Sport Fishing, such as: trolling, jigging, bottom fishing, and night fishing. We use lures, soft bait, live bait and cut bait. We mostly catch Tanigue (Philippine Wahoo), and also: Mumsa (Giant Trevalli), Tunas, Bonita, Dorados, Barracuda, Sailfish, Groupers, Bass, Snappers, Snipers, Triggers, Rays, Squid and many more.

Night-time squid fishing is always possibility. We observe the fishermen and if we see them fishing for squid, we often join in the fun and enjoy some good eating.

For Tuna, we mainly catch small Tulingan Tuna, some call it a Mackerel Tuna or Bonita. It is very nice on the grill.  We also catch small Yellow Fin, Big Eye and Black Fin Tuna.  Black Fin is a very fine white meat tuna.  Average size is 1-5 kg; a very good fish for grilling or in sinagang soup.

We have only two Rod and Reel Trolling Combos, but we also fish Filipino style with wooden hand-wheels.  We use the TICATEAM ST668R Trolling Reels.  This is a great reel that holds up while others freeze up and fail.  We now have a new Shimano TLD-25 Triton Lever Drag Reel.

Saltwater Trolling Lures are expensive and they get pretty well beat up after just a few strikes. We have best success with deep diving 5-7" Rapala X-Rap type lures.  We ask a favor that you bring a couple trolling lures.   The Rapala XRMAG20 and XRMAG30 are beautiful lures that dive to depths of 20-30' and track perfectly at 12 knots, but they pull very hard, with about 20 lbs. of drag, and their finish is easily damaged by a single strike.  Our new favorite is the Rapala Magnum 14 with a hard-body finish that holds up to many strikes and it's a sinking lure that trolls very well at speeds up to 12 knots.

A 12 Kg Tanigue/Wahoo is still our record, as far as size, but we've gained skill at going after the big ones, and we hope to help you land a record holding Wahoo this season.

The Rod, Reel and Lure
Donated by our friend Paul from the Yukon

Rapala CDMAG14 CountDown Magnum 14 Lure 

Yo Zuri F1056 Sashimi Bonita Lures 6-3/4in

Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver

Yo-Zuri Lures have become our new favorites.  Order yours now and bring them with you!

What's New On board?

Shimano TLD-25 Triton Lever Drag Reel
ROYJEN - Bay Trolling
8 Kg Tanigue/Wahoo
12 Kg Tanigue/Wahoo caught by our friend from Alaska
Night Fishing
Squid/Pusit Fishing
1.5 kg Blackfin Tuna caught by our friend from USA.
2 Kg Tanigue caught by brother Richard from IL, USA
5 Kg Tanigue/Wahoo, thanks to our Norwegian Friends

10 Kg Barracuda caught by our friend from PA, USA
1Kg Black fin Tunas caught by Sister Jul from IL, USA
1Kg Green Grouper, thanks to our French Friends
Caught with thanks to our French Friends
5 Kg Tanigue/Wahoo caught by our Hawaiian Friend 
6 Kg Dorado, Thanks to our Bulgarian Friends

7 Kg Tanigue/Wahoo caught by our Russian Friend.
8 Kg Wahoo
Caught just off shore from Blue Cove Resort.
10 Kg Wahoo caught 11/16/12, Thanks to our Estonian Friends.
3 Kg Green Grouper bought inport during bad weather, thanks to our Danish Friends.
5 Kg Wahoo caught in El Nido on 2/10/13, thanks to our German Friends.
8 Kg Tanigue Wahoo
Double-Strike off Cacnipa Is. on 2/12/13, with thanks to our German friends.

8 Kg Mumsa/GT caught by our Filipino friend on 1/2/14

10 Kg Wahoo caught by our friends from Switzerland on 3/3/14.

ROYJEN News (12/17/2013)

ROYJEN transports a Philippine Marine Squadron to conduct Island Patrols in the San Vicente / Port Barton Chain of Islands.

ROYJEN News (10/16/2012)

Former Governor of Palawan Rides the ROYJEN!

Upon request for hire from the Office of Governor of Palawan, the ROYJEN temporarily came out of dry-dock, where she was undergoing annual maintenance, repair and refurbishment.  

Former Governor Abraham Mitra and his party ride the ROYJEN on their campaign trail.

Former Governor Abraham Mitra
Palawan Travel Tips:

1. When touring Palawan, you should carry sunglasses, sun screen, bug spay, a hat, a rain suit, snorkeling gear, toilet paper, sanitary wipes, a first aid kit, and medicine.

 2. A single "budget" traveler can get by on P3,000 per day. A couple may need P5,000. This accounts for ground transportation, meals, lodging and limited activities. It does not account for souvenirs or special activities, such as scuba diving.

3. Most travelers experience a P20,000 daily limit on the amount they can withdraw from a bank teller or atm. It's a good idea to bring "new" cash, and exchange it as needed in PPC, Sabang, Port Barton and El Nido.

4. Beware of all "fixers, commissioners, non-registered boats, and unlicensed tour guides and agents." Some are quite good, but they operate outside the legal requirements and therefore cannot be held accountable for anything.

5. No matter what your travel plan is, you'll be "adventuring" on a very primitive island, with very limited support and services. It's not really suitable for children, the elderly, or the disabled. Additionally, a "sea adventure or an island hopping tour" is not suitable for anyone who cannot swim. However, we cannot and do not discriminate, and we will make every effort to accommodate all of your special needs.

6. In and around the sea, there are many dangers. There are poisonous fish, razor coral, fire coral, strong currents and sharp and slippery rocks. You should always respect nature and protect yourself from all her dangers.

7. For all Palawan statistics and information go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palawan


Departure of all Charters is dependent upon the weather and condition of the sea. The safety of
ROYJEN Passengers is our #1 concern.

A ROYJEN "Eco-Cruise," employs local fishermen in support of Tourism, who would otherwise be primarily engaged in over fishing and or illegal fishing practices.  

Roy and Jen live in the small fishing village of Caruray. It is a very remote location, without electricity or internet service. Our email is read only 1- day monthly in Puerto Princesa City. If you wish to schedule a quick charter, it's better to send us a text message.

We ask that you provide a 2nd confirmation of your charter by text message approximately 24 hours prior to the time you wish to board the ROYJEN

For more information: wave, holler, call, text, or send us an email.

Maraming Salamat,  

ROYJEN Charters 
0918-424-6902 / 0912-873-7400 
Coffee-cup Photo (Courtesy of brother Richard)

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